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The song names of the country music are generated by default. You can select genre to generate.

  • Because Of The Dusty Road
  • Thoughts Of The South
  • Miles Of The Wind
  • A Way Of Moonlight
  • Nothing For You
  • Time Of My Heart
  • I Miss Her Heart
  • Give Back Your Roses
  • Thinking Of Her Darling
  • Thinking Of My Father
  • Riding With Your Ways
  • Time For My Dreams
  • Sure And Father
  • Wanted And Promises
  • Cool And Life
  • Night And Choices
  • And Choices
  • Lazy And Tales
  • Darling, You Cheated
  • Sweetie, I'm Moving On
  • Baby, I Love You So
  • Come With Me
  • Hold Me Tonight
  • You're Wild
  • I Said I'm Riding Alone
  • He Loves I'm A Lone Wolf
  • She Hopes You're Bad For Me
  • He Said I Am Crazy
  • I Think I'm Coming Home
  • He Hates I Am Crazy