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The song names of the country music are generated by default. You can select genre to generate.

  • Drink For A Girl Like You
  • Wild Of Independence
  • Walls For A Girl Like You
  • Thoughts Of The Perfect Storm
  • Wild Of Silence
  • Dreams For The Good Times
  • Talk About Your Traditions
  • Search For Your Rodeo
  • Think About My Baby
  • Need Her Daddy
  • Thinking Of My Own
  • Give Back Her Best Friend
  • Ghost And Tales
  • Crazy And Feeling
  • Lazy And Chance
  • Goodbye And Fire
  • Wanted And Fire
  • And Choice
  • Sweetie, Until I Met You
  • Darling, Wouldn't It Be Nice
  • Sweetie, Let's Be Free
  • Honey, I'm A Lone Wolf
  • Darling, I'm Lonely Without You
  • I'm Lonely Without You
  • He Heard She's Crazy
  • She Said He Will Leave
  • I Think I Long For You
  • I Think I Ride Alone
  • She Thinks I Cannot Go On
  • He Said She Cares