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The song names of the country music are generated by default. You can select genre to generate.

  • End Of Midnight
  • Badge Of Me
  • Talk Of The Moon
  • Apology Of My Dreams
  • Need For Me
  • Matter Of The Good Life
  • Thinking Of Your Way
  • Wait For Her Home
  • Remember Way
  • Don't Need My Shadow
  • Need Thunder
  • Crazy For My World
  • Easy And Music
  • Morning And Father
  • Crazy And Games
  • Blossom And Dance
  • Young And Noon
  • Goodbye And Love
  • Honey, I Love The Road
  • I'm A Lone Wolf
  • Thank You
  • Babe, Until I Met You
  • Babe, Let's Go
  • Darling, We've Only Just Begun
  • I Said I Won't Stay Tonight
  • She Said You're Bad For Me
  • I Heard He Cares
  • He Hates She Wants You
  • She Heard I Need You To Leave Me
  • She Hates She Wants You